• Fast and efficient

    Tested & proven with commercial firewood producers, the Oregon® commercial kinetic log splitter boasts a 2-second cycle time that is up to 6 times faster than a hydraulic log splitter.

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  • Ideal for professional use

    The OREGON® 28-ton log splitter is ready to handle the toughest jobs. This sturdy unit features fast cycle times, a high-volume pump, a heavy-duty beam, large wheels for rough terrain and premium hydraulic force.

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  • Resilient and easy to maneuver

    The OREGON® 22-ton log splitter easily handles most jobs. This multi-featured splitter has fast cycle times for high output and operates both horizontally and vertically, handling logs up to 24” in diameter.

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  • Portable and economical

    The electric OREGON® 6-ton log splitter is ideal for home use. Its compact design can accommodates log up to 20” in diameter, making it a powerful choice for home owners and outdoor enthusiasts.

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The complete range of OREGON® log splitters and accessories offers something for everyone, from occasional user to professionals.